This picture represents the top people who have harm our society, Hitler and Osama Bin Laden and now Joseph Kony, a Ugandan leader head of the LRA Lord's Resistance Army which abduct kids to turn them into soldiers and sex slaves.  The Invisible children are sent to kill their parents and to follow orders, they don't have a childhood and this should be stopped.
The poems were deep.  I was blown away in how it just grabbed my attention and they way the lady read it just made me get all into the poem.  The first poem I could just relate to some parts and it got to me when it said that music is the key which I believe its true.

The category for my poem is going to be love.
Kony 2012.  Stop Joseph Kony. Make him famous and spread the word and film about him! Must see the video!!
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The poster above show a some pictures with kids that have Progeria.